Harry potter plugins needed!!

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  1. I need a developer who can make me some harry potter plugins! broom flying, wands, etc willing to pay off course add me on Skype for more info about the kind of server i want to create builders who can build like hogwarts or have a cool unique exclusive hogwarts map i can buy also please add me! off course besides money there will be a rank attached to helping !
    skype: Undeadshoarma72!
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    this forum is not for hiring, try here https://www.spigotmc.org/forums/hiring-developers.55/
  3. it is attached to rank on server but it isnt a must u dont have to do it just a bonus mainly looking for plugins
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    you are not allowed to use this forum for hiring, use the link I gave you...
  5. i cant post there i dont have 20 posts and my acc isnt a week old....
  6. Then do some stuff on spigot, try to help some people out for a little bit. Before you know it, you'll be able to do everything :D
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    well, then you are not allowed to hire anyone at all on this site.
  8. what else should i do on this site i dont know alot about plugins thats why i am here to hire someone....
  9. Keep replying to comments like that and you will soon get 20 posts XD
  10. It's not difficult to get to 20 posts. There are plenty of people asking for help, feedback, etc., that you could reply to. There are requirements for a reason, and we have plenty of stickied threads that not only say that you shouldn't hire here, but why the requirement is in place. I recommend reading some of the rules and threads before joining the forums to hire.
  11. I'm sorry, but I can't deny using this.

    1) In the wrong forums.
    2) Wrong in that this is going to be free and well coded.
    3) New. Read the rules.
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