Has anyone ever used or was using extravm?

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  1. I know it is impolite to publish such a content, but I am not bad at it, believe me!
    I would like to know how long it will take to open extravm after payment. Because after three hours of payment, VPS is still PENDING.

    Forgive my English for no standard
  2. Used it a while back, MikeA had hooked me up directly so I got it before even paying.
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  3. Before asking this question, I searched this forum for a long time and knew that MikeA was a very good guy.
    But before extravm bought VPS, I didn't understand all of this, so please forgive my ignorance.
    I just want to taste my VPS quickly, because many people praise extravm on this forum. There is no doubt about it. ))))))))
  4. Make sure they didn't request additional info from you such as passport or ID
  5. When I finished buying, I received the bill mail, but I did not receive mail which needed me to provide other information.
    And after I started Tickets, I didn't receive a reply after two hours.

    The words I sent may be bad for reading, but my English is not good. Please forgive this.
  6. My problem has been well solved!
    Thank you extravm! Thank you MikeA!
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    I don't do that or verify information (people can sign up with a VPN and Walmart address if they want, as long as payment info is fine), there was an unrelated problem with the order that caused it to not setup automatically.
  8. Sorry for not being an extravm expert ;p I know some companies do request additional information just in case the user is abusing, etc.
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