Has anyone used pckits.co.uk before?

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  1. Hi,

    I came across pckits.co.uk where they’ll help you build a custom gaming PC. I’ve not built one before so this site looks quite good for me, has anyone any experience with them?

  2. Been 5 days. I'm gonna take this silence as a "no". lol. I would stay away from this site, though. New hardware is almost always under warranty from the manufacturer, so if you have any defective parts they will cover you. If you go through this site you've got some stranger touching your parts before you, so if they break something and ship it to you, all you can do is hope they honor their word and replace it. Not a chance with my money.

    Edit: Also, their top-tier tower is a joke. I'm shocked at what they are tying to pull. There is no aftermarket CPU cooler, so temps will be super high, and they only put in a GTX 1060 graphics card... in a computer that they are charging $2,258.94 USD for????? I have no words. That computer only costs $1440.14 USD to build, here's all the same parts on pcpartpicker.com...
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  3. Strahan


    Jesus Christ. I just went and checked their site out. Yea, that's freaking insane. OP, stay WELL away from there. That's a [email protected]#%$^ ripoff.
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  4. I decided to just bite the bullet and it paid off :D After I said to the technician there (Craig) about the prices, he explained that you're paying for the components but also the support that comes with every kit.

    Yes, I could've bought the components myself and saved some money however I'd have no idea how to build a computer out of them. Now that PC Kits has taught me how to build a PC, next time I can just buy the components and build it myself :)
  5. Nope, never used them before.
  6. Thanks for your reply.

    The thread is solved now as I decided to use them and it went well :)
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  7. I'm not sure a $600 markup is worth someone teaching you the same thing a few YouTube videos could teach you AND potentially having no warranty on your parts.
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  8. I think the thing that stood out for me was the fact that I'm assigned a technician who I can contact whenever I want for the first six months after purchase. Also with the YouTube videos, there's a chance that I could do something wrong as my PC parts are different to the ones in YouTube videos.

    If you can already build a PC then yeah I wouldn't buy a kit from them but I had no idea how to build a PC so they were perfect for me and I can now build a PC.

    This is just my personal experience with them, I'm not saying everyone should buy from them :)
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  9. Just letting you know if you are new to the site, post about a service, link to that service, and post a "my personal experience was outstanding, it's the best, and i would use them again, blah blah" .. I would probably mark it as spam.

    It's not my site, so :D

    Glad you had a positive experience with them. I hope you went with an SSD that can do around 2gb read/write speeds and a reasonable GPU to make editing and gaming etc a little smoother. Have fun learning.
  10. That's completely understandable, yep gaming is definitely a lot smoother than my previous PC! :D