Has Minecraft Market failed?

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  1. Hello everyone,
    Before, I supported MinecraftMarket, but I sent them continuous emails for something that had to be fixed on my store and they haven't replied. The real question is, has Minecraft Market failed? They do not tweet or even answer support emails, I will be switching to Buycraft soon because of this.
  2. It's a great service but I agree that support has died off dramatically. I stopped using them in January due to a few issues with the plugin. Buycraft is pretty much your best option in my opinion.
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  4. I personally use the EnjinMinecraftPlugin as its links in with enjin webstore on website, It uses Donationcraft, Unlike Buycraft in that players don't put their username in to access the stuff until they're on checkout page, Also it doesn't ban the player from accessing the shop if they previously chargedbacked on a server that used buycraft (Servers that use buycraft have option to add player's name to database that all buycraft servers read off from thus preventing players on that database from using buycraft shop on other servers.)
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  7. No it hasn't.
    @xXxKillerDogxXx has recently come back and is now developing MinecraftMarket again! He has said that the project has not failed and they did not go anywhere but they were doing behind-the-scenes updates. :)
    MinecraftMarket has not failed!
  8. They are just really busy. They can't really answer things at this moment. Later on it will be back again
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  9. That's also known as piss poor support.
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  10. @Atmazphere Yeah okay, but still. Don't know with how much they are now but i think its not much so... And further more I'm not in private contact with them anymore so I'm not 100% sure about things.
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  11. No offence, but anyone can say they're in contact with anyway now a days. Being in private contact really means nothing at all. They're slowly descending.
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  12. @Atmazphere Yes, you are right... Wel not going to waste time proving it, but if I know more i will make a post about it for other users. So I'll update ^^
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  13. I won't go into detail about what happened etc here but I have posted updates on the resource page.

    In a nutshell expect our next update which has a deadline of the end of June to put us ahead of any competition.
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  14. Nice, I hope its good!
  15. I know this is a old thread but right now there having problems and there website is down also MinecraftMarket is fine accept sometimes buyers don't get the rank i have to manually rank them also sometimes when i click save it doesn't go through and i have to keep messing with it until it saves.
  16. I think it has =/
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