Spigot HatMeEnhanced 5.1.22

What a lovely hat!

  1. add gui
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  2. No need for a GUI. It would over-complicate the only thing the plugin's trying to achieve and drive people away. There's no "good" way to add a GUI for a "blocks as hats!" plugin and not make it overly-complex.
  3. Ok i love you you are good developer...
  4. Thanks, always appreciated!
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    Lots of changes!

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  6. Will it be possible to add /unhat PLAYER?
  7. Sure, I can add that along with a new permission node. Will be in the next update. Thanks for the feedback!
  8. Thank you!
  9. Hi, i have an issue.

    I have given players, by player, not group, on permissionsex, permissions to use /hat.
    They have hme.hat.any, and hme.hat.

    However they get no permissions.

    Any ideas?
  10. Yes, two.
    1. 3.0.8 checks permissions for /hat twice, and the first time is in error and doesn't check all permissions. Thank you for the bug report, it's fixed in 3.0.9 which will be available soon!
    2. the permission node you're looking for is actually called "hme.any" to avoid conflict with future versions of Minecraft that may, for some odd reason, want to name a block "any"
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