Suggestion Have a limit for how little money someone in the hiring section can offer

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  1. What I mean is that there are people offering less than 10$ for a plugin, which translates to radically below any kind of minimum wage for almost any sort of plugin.

    The section is called "Hiring" for a reason, and that's because you don't get to seek developers for free plugins. Now, I realize that there are indeed people who would let soneone exploit them in this way, but that's besides the point. The people who post in that section take advantage of Spigot's established marketplace, and consequently should be willing to offer something stubstantial, and not just token compensation to get through the barrier of entry because there's not many other places where you can look for free Spigot developers with the same reach.

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    I wouldn't be opposed to this for the Hiring section. If a developer wishes to charge their own rates that low in the Offering forum, then so be it, that's their decision. But I could agree with this.
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  3. Sounds like a good idea to me, but there are some issues to work out for that limit as well: what if someone wants a plugin that would take <1 hour to do, something very simple could be done in just a few minutes and that $10 offer turns out to be a >$20/hr wage. So it shouldn't be a strictly "greater than $X amount" limit, but rather an limit on (roughly) calculated hourly wage. Minimum wage sounds like a fair...minimum (yes, I know minimum wage varies worldwide, so some happy medium should be found).

    But it disgusts me when I see people posting very detailed posts, requesting some custom minigame or dynamic server setup (or anything else complicated to do), and offering $20 in compensation. :mad:

    But people posting in the hiring section don't always know/realize how much work a plugin may take, so its a tough limit to set: who determines when an offered wage isn't acceptable? How will it be handled when someone posts something too low? A dev reports it if the estimated time it would take them divided by offered compensation, doesn't meet minimum wage?

    Maybe a general guide could be posted of types of plugins people request (minigames, new mechanics, simple cosmetic item addition, etc, IDK), with a general range of time required specified for each. Then set a minimum hourly wage, and give the formula for the more dense people: (Offered Wage / Estimated hours = hourly wage).
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    I don't agree, some of us do this for a hobbie, the money is just a added bonus on it.
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  5. I had oringally considered suggesting such a system, but I avoided doing that for this very reason. It quickly gets very very complicated. I think any possible system should have at most two complexity levels (e.g. min. 10$ for something extremely trivial, 25$ for everything else), otherwise it's too non-intuitive. And since, as you rightfully point out it's not easy to anticipate the extent of development work for some specific feature, general guidelines will have to suffice.

    I think putting down a minimum hourly rate, while in principle a good idea, goes above and beyond Spigots responsibilities in this matter. The most drastic problem to adress right now is those token compensations.
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  6. But what bonus would that be? A 5$ note for ten hours of work is an insult if anything. But that's more of a philosophical issue, hence why my main argument isn't people aren't free to do it as a hobby, but people use this as a way to exploit Spigots marketplace in a way that simply doesn't benefit the community, and is much to the detriment of the Hiring Section.
  7. If you feel a post that is in the Hiring developers section is not for you, just stay clear of it. It is essentially a free market, like the resources section, you are free to choose which offers you respond to and which you stay away from. Imposing a price floor on the whole section seems counter intuitive, let people decide who they choose to hire or respond too and the crappy offers will just filter through untouched.
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  8. But it isn't. I mean, even the section rules state explicitly state

    This is about encouraging a more stringent enforcement of that rule. Because paying someone 5$ for a plugin isn't compensation, it isn't even encouraging a hobby, it's just getting around the rule that you can't search free developers in the section.
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    Yes! If you think its to much money, dont reply! If someone will do it they will reply. Their loss if they get nobody.

    I disagree. It says 5$ for a minigame... Like i said above, if the price isnt right negotiate, or dont even reply.
  10. Generally (in the us) if you are hired to make one piece of work, you are an independent contractor, and are not obligated for a minimum wage. See difference between independent contractor and employee.

    "An independent contractor is a natural person, business, or corporation that provides goods or services to another entity under terms specified in a contract or within a verbal agreement. Unlike an employee, an independent contractor does not work regularly for an employer but works as and when required, during which time he or she may be subject to law of agency. Independent contractors are usually paid on a freelance basis. Contractors often work through a limited company or franchise, which they themselves own, or may work through an umbrella company."
  11. Absolutely, I never meant to imply that. I simply used the minimum wage for an hour as a tangible example for how to gauge whether someone is actually interested in hiring someone, or just abusing the section (for a more extreme example see the Hiring-thread offering a single dollar).
  12. I disagree.
    People have to offer up to atleast $1000 on a complex minigame, or there will be nobody offering development services because their prices exceed the limit.
  13. Is this really a major issue that a thread had to be created? It's a very simple concept; people pay what they can for a job. If the price isn't right for a potential developer, then they'll ignore the post, if the price is right, they'll do it. $5 jobs can be a simple plugin modification or light-weight plugin. If you seriously think it takes 10 hours to develop a $5 job, then who the hell would even do it? I can't see the logic in this argument. This is how anything with money goes.

    Something too cheap? No one's forcing you to work there.
    Something too expensive, no one's forcing you to hire.
  14. I really enjoy the things that are expensive
    $1000 for a FFA minigame (lel)
    But then there is always the
    $1 for Mineplex hub plugin