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Feature Have each world on a separate thread?

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by SN4T14, Feb 25, 2013.

  1. To my knowledge, the main reason Minecraft lags is that the main processing is done on one thread, but wouldn't having it be one thread per world increase performance a lot for big, multiworld servers?
  2. My idea was for each thing that gets proccessed in a tick to be put in it's separate thread. It got refused, I hope you have better luck then me.
  3. md_5

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    It can be possible to facilitate this without breaking all plugins, but on every server I've seen, the primary world uses 90% of the CPU time, and the other 5 worlds only a few percent.
    Modern high end processors can only run a max of ~16 threads at a time, this makes no sense. Besides it would break every Bukkit plugin.
  4. But, for example, on my server there are 4 worlds, 2 of them are very active, 1 is pretty active, and 1 is barely used, having the two main worlds run on separate threads would give me, theoretically, double the performance.
  5. Plugins write things to track time in in-game time (ticks). How do you reconcile time moving differently for different players? This would require a total rewrite of Bukkit.
  6. On my server I have broken down the world map into square bits, each in a seperate world. Something like this would be very interesting. Indeed, other servers could switch to this kind of set up and benefit greatly!
  7. Why would the time move differently for different players? Or are you speaking to Runemoro?
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  9. Bro, 2013. We are in 2014
  10. Fixed.
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