Have multiple 25565 servers on one machine?

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  1. Hey guys I'm currently running a dedi server at home and was wondering if it was possible to have multiple servers running off the 25565 port. Currently im running servers off the same OS with a different port for each, but i was thinking of moving to a vm for each server but that still wouldnt solve the problem that the ports arent 25565
  2. You can should have 1 connection port for a server cluster.
    You need to use a BungeeCord proxy to be on 25565, and then assign the other servers to different port numbers within the Bungeecord.
    The Bungeecord will accept the incoming requests and then direct a connection to another port address.
    This is the purpose of using a 'Bungee' proxy server.
  3. Thats if you want them clustered as a network, not seperate servers
  4. That implies seperate IP address for each server.
    For which you would require a connection manager (Bungeecord) to make the distributed connections.
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    Well if that's what you want, that's quite easy too. Assign multiple IPs to your network adapter, then use server-ip in server.properties to set appropriate bindings for each server instance.