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  1. The server play.skycade.net has a playercount of 1:
    Yet there are more than 400 players online. How could I do that with my server. Because when I try doing it when the second person tries to join it says the server is full. If you know the answer that would be great!
  2. just set 1 in bungeecord's config.yml
    maxplayers: 1
  3. What if u dont have bungee cord?
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    They lie to the client about the actual number of available slots, reporting 1 instead of the actual maximum player count, as they're using bungeecord, that's basically the default
  5. infact Bungeecord does
  6. I think you might need a plugin, the example you showed is a network so it would almost certainly use BungeeCord which allows you to set the player_limit to -1 and the max_players to whatever you want (default and most commonly used is 1 as shown here) but AFAIK this isn't possible without a plugin in Spigot.
  7. I dont'know then, yours is a strange idea. Think that no one else never thought to except the server you shown. :D
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    Got me mid-edit, went to go ping their server to double check :p

    You could replicate this on the server with a simple plugin, I have no idea why you would bother other than pretending you're scaling enough to run bungee, nobody really cares what the max players is, if you don't have a max player count and are allowing as many people to join as they wish, on a single instance, you're asking for issues, player caps exist for a reason
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  9. Wouldnt those plugins as fakeplayers realise you?
  10. Honestly, just coming across this thread, (OP) you have yet explain why you would want to do this in the first place.
  11. I agree.
    The reported number is there for a reason.
    It is so that you can maintain a server / network within the limits of your hardware.
  12. Never experienced a thing like this, that server is like "unusual" , why copy their idea?
  13. You can actually use essentials then give your players essentials.joinfullserver (i think) perm so they can join.
  14. i don't think that essentials has power of the server mainly..
  15. Essentials does have this permission, it bypasses the limit set in the properties file. If every user has this permission you could set the server to 1 so it would create something similar to what was shown in the example.

    As said before though, this isn't really a good idea - regardless, the easiest solution is to just set the limit very high although again that defeats the purpose of why this limit is there in the first place.
  16. If you just want to make it look that way you can just find some plugin that does that, otherwise it is not a good idea.
  17. even if you get a plugin it isn't a good idea
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