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  1. It seems that when I use BungeePortals, it warps you back to the portal you went in. So if I went from hub to paintball, it puts me inside the water for the paintball on the hub server when I return. I want players to automatically go to the /spawn in the hub server, not stay in the portals. Any ideas?
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    Check resource tab or Bukkit for this plugin, many exist. :)
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  3. Thanks,

    Also, is there a way to delay /server command? Or disable it on one server so they have to go through a portal? Screws up factions if they can warp away.
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    KillPVPLoggers is a good one :)
  5. But would it work, as they are switching servers, or does it still register as leaving the server?
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    Switching servers will be the same as logging off.
    The server does not know the difference unless you get a plugin that communicates with Bungeecord.
  7. Okay, awesome! Thank you!