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  1. Hello,

    Excuse me, but I've never had a Bungee server before, so I'm sorry if this post will contain some really basic questions.

    So, I'm currently running this prison server, it isn't that popular, but it isn't a dead server either. But I think a hub would be a waste of money, so would it be possible to replace the jar I'm currently using with a Bungee jar, and just link my other (kit-pvp) server to it, so when people join they will just be on the prison server. But will be able to do /server kitpvp. Would it be safe to just replace the jar and configure it?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. BungeeCord is not really a server, it's a proxy server.
    So bungeecord is independent of Bukkit/Spigot.

    You must run a bungeecord server and in the config file link all of your servers :)
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  3. Was going to say something similar :p