Having difficulty expanding playerbase

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  1. Hello,
    I’m having difficulty expanding my playerbase. I currently have a strong playerbase of 5 players, however I am struggling to expand it. Finally, people who join usually play for about an hour then would proceed to say “Good job on this server, this probably my replacement for X server.” But I never see them online again.
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    If players legit like your server (lets say it is in fact better) you will still need to spend money on ads to get more players. Players won't stick to a server they play on alone, in order for them to come back you need to make them think it is popular even if that's because you just spend 10k$ on advertising
  3. There's no one-size-fits-all solution to growing a playerbase. If there were, everyone would be doing it! But outside of throwing money at advertising, you can isolate some key ingredients:

    - Inclusive: people like to feel that they're part of a community. Work on creating a communal vibe, and even if it's a small group people will want to join it.

    - Attention-Grabbing: we absentmindedly built a parkour course at our Hub, and it turned out to be the single best way to keep people on the server. People are looking for something to interest them straight away, and you need to give them stuff to do.

    - Easy: don't overwhelm people with a huge kit of items, a thousand messages about the rules, plugin workings, and stuff. Joining should be easy, and you should project the image of a server which treats its players with calm respect.
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  4. What would be the best way to advertise
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    youtubers with a decent user base will get you players who want to stay, but it
    takes time to find those and it can cost much.

    server lists work for a short time, but are expensive (think of 1-10 thousand USD for a month).

    Regardless of what you choose, I suggest making sure you have a good logo, good site and good banner first. Because the one you have now is too generic for advertising
  6. You can check out the website and logo here at https://solarmc.xyz
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    the site may require some tweaking such as the top, the background is too busy and the homepage should not have that "SolarMC" in text (above your news)

    The square sized logo is hard to use in a header like that (really big). I would split your logo in two parts (the full logo like it is now, and the bottom part of your logo that contains the text + hostname). Use the bottom part in your header (rectangle) and the full logo on a landing page or something

    EDIT: Also change the favicon in the tabs to a logo that represents your server
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    You have to try and get your current players to stay online as long as possible, so when others come - they don't leave because its not full. To do that you need to lure them back.

    Think of games you play on the toilet on your phone. Games where you can level up, become better than someone else.
    Or games where you get a power up every X hours,...

    Get plugins that give players money for example when they stay online, I don't agree with these types of plugins because its too easy and spoofable.. but especially in the beginning you should get them to stay on as long as possible, even if they are abusing it
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