Having multiple people manage my account

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  1. Hi there!

    I am having team members that will be responsible for responding to private messages and pushing plugin updates.

    However the only solution right now is to share my 2FA and he'll get full unrestricted access to my account which can be risky.


    I am highly considering hiring someone to program such feature into SpigotMC. We already had a student make a fork of a sub-optimal IntelliJ plugin, and I believe with the right people this is achievable in a timely manner.

    All actions of all team members would be logged and they would be restricted to publishing plugin updates and replying to PM's with a configurable PM title whitelist or other options.

    What other plugins is this site running, namely for resources and private messages?

    Thanks so much
  2. I don't think there is an api for that, but maxim made one, which lacks a few features so I recoded it. Feel free to message me if you need the source code.

    It also has a ratelimit feature so we can make sure that we won't spam spigot with requests, so you could make a webinterface, which runs the api in the backend and connects to spigot with your account.

    However accessing the site via bots is against the rules, so you would have to ask the spigot staff before
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  3. BGHDDevelopment


    +1 I could really use this, I have enough issues trying to keep up with all my messages alone
  4. The switch between not sharing and sharing the whole account (risk of having the Number 1 resource removed) is very high...
    would love this to change
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