having problems with terrain generation in 1.15 on a 1.12 map.1

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  1. just writing to see if anyone has any advice, i have had a problem with my server.
    the server has a map that is a 1:1500 scale map of the earth, and on 1.12.2 i had no problems, but recently i have updated the server to 1.15.1 which, since the generation engine has changed, means that regular terrain is generated oner the top of the map (which is a problem for obvious reasons), i have tried using WorldBorder and /wb fill to render all the chunks before updating to 1.15 but that hasn't made a difference... i was wondering if anyone had any advice on what i could do, or knows a plugin that might help, maybe that disables world generation or something.

    i would really appreciate the hep if anyone knows anything.
  2. I had same problem and i think i was trying everything but nothing worked. Finally i used multiverse-core and i copied my spawn on new world and i used world border to generate new 1.15 world. If u have player's building on the map i don t know what can u do :/ I think that it is impossible to repair. I tried worldborder, chunky program for example. Unfortunatelly these options don't work :(
  3. https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/minecraft-earth-map-1-1000-scale/

    This is apparently updated for 1.15 so try adding this world to your files and it shouldnt be generated over.
    If you have some issues, it seems they have a discord link in that thread, so Im sure they'd be happy to help you out.

    EDIT: The same guy who made that map linked above, also has other scaled versions, so if 1:1000 scale isnt right for you, he also has a 1:4000 version and others alike.