Spigot Hawk Anticheat (MC 1.7.10 & 1.8.8) BETA 2008

A free anticheat for legacy versions of Spigot.

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    Hawk Anticheat DEMO - DEMONSTRATION copy of Hawk Anti-Cheat

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  2. This is wrong. Increasing the first version number does not mean that anything has been completely rewritten.

    AAC 1.x was for spigot 1.8, aac was named 2.0.x for 1.9 and 2.1.x for 1.10.
    Then AAC dev made a longer break.
    Then he came back ~half year ago and wrote certain bypassed things like speed/fly/killaura checks again. That is not a complete recode.
    Additionally AAC 3.1.6 does not suffer fast speed bypasses and any kind of fly bypasses.

    Calling this anticheat better than NCP and AAC is complete crap. (See video above).
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  3. The video was not created to start a fight about if the anticheat was good or not but to show basic false positives found during testing and I totally acknowledge about the beta stage of the plugin.

    If you want to stop people from being
    You should probably remove some part from your overview page:
    Why ? Because we hate false claims.
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  5. I didn't test everything, but this is what I have for 5 min of testing. @Islandscout
  6. Potion and Beacon effects create false positives. (e.g. Using jump boost beacon effect triggers fly check)
  7. Will fix after school. Thanks.
  8. Having multiple fly checks is ridiculous.

    There is one simple rule about gravity in minecraft: newYDiff = (oldYDiff - 0.08) * 0.98
    jumping: newYDiff = 0.42 + 0.1 * jump potion amplifier
    knockback: allow yDiff according to velocities' y
    only trickier thing is the logic about step and airstep
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  9. GCheat and Lord_Meme have like 3-4 flight checks for multiple type of client detection
  10. Vagdedes


    NCP, AAC and Spartan have only one which handles everything. I think you should not go against mine or @Janmm14's choice since I am an anticheat coder and he has been a supporter of AAC for a long time, teaching himself certain rules and categories about anticheats. I can understand the fact that there are multiple types of Fly but those can be well handled inside a notification's information or otherwise known as verbose.
  11. The fly checks have been around for a year, checking for ascension, air time, and fall speed (linear function). I agree: a simple parabolic function would suffice. That is, if I can generate a recursive function for every move sent to the server, supporting velocity events.
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  12. btw you can't buy the pro version on the main site, cause
    1. it doesn't load
    2. when you press on "buy" theres just a white page saying transactions are not set-up
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    Re-worked checks, false-positive fixes, and more.

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  14. I seem to be getting lots of false positives. :/
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  15. Like what? Can you elaborate?
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    BETA-1.8.4 (This resource is now free)

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