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  1. Hello! I am looking for a hcf core if u dont know what hcf is. It is hardcore factions search it up.
    I would like a custom hcf core.

    I would like it to have 2 main commands that change a lot.
    • /player
    • /staff
    the command /player will block all staff commands.
    the command /staff will block all player commands.

    In the mode /staff, you will be vanished all the time unless you have the node to bypass it. You will have items in your hotbar like a compass to pass through objects and like a iron bar to freeze the player. All the commands that you are allowed in /staff are :
    • /gamemode - /gm
    • /invsee
    • /blacklist (perm ip ban)
    • /thru
    • /freeze (freezes a player so they cant move)
    • /sotw (start of the world timer)
    • /eotw (end of the world timer)
    • /koth (activities)
    • scoreboard saying if you are in gamemode and vanish and staff or player mode
    • ect
    And in /player you get.
    • /pvp
    • /cobble (disable pickup cobble)
    • /mapkit (shows the kit)
    • ect

    If anyone can do something like this fairly easily i would gladly pay for this.
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  2. ah ok thanks ill post it there right now