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  1. Okay so the permission's I saw the kit permission's but is there a way to enable 1 kit or 3 diffirent kit's on the permission cause i think the other one's just enable all the kit's to be usable
  2. Could you possibly add a "removeCombatTag" or "setCombatTag" method into the plugin for use in its API? That would be immensely helpful!
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  3. Can Notorious Core load on a 1.12.2. server?
  4. the time zone in the config says Europe/Zagreb, how can i change that to New York (EST) time?
  5. How do you create the Crowbar sign, its not working
  6. what the difference between /lives revive and /deathban revive
  7. Add a tablist, and make it so players cannot break for a certain amount of blocks after spawn and it says "You cannot break blocks here, run 200 blocks out" and make it so we can claim Spawn...
  8. upload_2018-3-6_4-8-48.png

    Anyone know why appear this error??
    i don't understand...

    This appear when a player join, move, pickup items, quit etc.
  9. Use spigot 1.7.10
  10. My server is 1.8
    And notorious have supp to 1.8 :l
  11. u hav mango/hcfactions? mango is 1.7 only
  12. nobody can help me??

    I was very happy with this plugin when I bought it, because it had everything I needed to make a good Hardcore Factions ... But it's starting to disappoint me a lot ...

    I've been waiting for a few days for the creator's response, but I do not see anyone who has had the same problems as me. How is that possible? The plugin with all the dependencies correctly and with everything correct, already by default gives error.

    Maybe at first sight no error appears on the console, but I have been reviewing it after a while playing my players and the plugin the truth is not what I expected.

    In version 1.8, NOTHING works.
    The claims do not work if you put them by inheritance and if you have op or * buguea when you put more than 3 ... It does not make sense.

    The bard class gives errors only by having the item in hand that should give you effects ...

    The Subclaims do not work ... The Elevators by signs don't work ... The gold plate only serves to raise and not to lower (I do not even know if that's the case) ...
    Every time someone dies and the deathban appears, it gives an error in the console ...


    When a player is bogeado the scoreboard stops working and the plugin is broken ... Absurd ...
    I do not understand why it has support for the 1.8 this plugin.
    Will the developer fix it?

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  13. Use 1.7.10 paper spigot... 1.8.8 player can still join.
  14. i need the latest update i have the 1.4.1 version
  15. someone leaked your plugin from me i'm so sorry, they won't delete it and refuse to pay
  16. I just bought the plugin, let's wish my reported bugs will get fixed (if i find some)
  17. You who have an HCF server, Has anyone been able to make invisibility work?

    Because if you use version 1.7 on your server but you allow access to people who have version 1.8, the tabulator and invisibility are bugged.

    Has anyone been able to fix it?
    Or do you have a plugin to hide the tab that works also in 1.7 / 1.8?
    Please contact me.
  18. Can you make invisible players seeable. Right we can see only the particules but in all hcf server we should be able to see us AND faction members transparent.