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Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by DDDDEAN, Jul 4, 2016.

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  1. Hello guys, I have purchased the plugin HCFStuff, everything works great except for the pvp timer. The pvp timer doesn't seem to go down. (also I need helps with deathbans, I don't know how to set the time for deathbans for each rank. Ill give config below)
    Here is my config-pvp timer:

    Here is my Deathban config:
  2. I'd appreciate if someone helped me, thanks.
  3. try changing deathban to

    death-ban: 7200

    1: "deathban.onesecond"
    3: "deathban.threeseconds"
    5: "deathban.fiveseconds"
    10: "deathban.tenseconds"
    15: "deathban.fiftheenseconds"
    20: "deathban.twentyseconds"
    30: "deathban.thirtyseconds"
    40: "deathban.fourtyseconds"
    50: "deathban.fifthyseconds"

    and then add deathban.onesecond to the highest rank
  4. Thankyou sir.
  5. If it worked plz leave a rating, and change the thread to solved
  6. Do you have hcfstuff plugin yourself? I might need some more help
  7. no, but i know how it works, whats your server ip?
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