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A plugin for HCF (HardCore Faction) Server

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    HCFUtils | HCF Plugin - A plugin for HCF (HardCore Faction) Server

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  2. Inkzzz

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    Add a ban timer. For example, when a player dies, the user will be banned for an X amount of time.
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  3. Since you have an Enderpearl timer in this plugin might aswell ask. Could you add a placeholder for feather board? There is an API on the page. Also, when you saying the recommended server is 1.8. Would it also do well on 1.7 servers? Because PvP on 1.8 is really bad and most HCF servers don't use it.
  4. Now works fine, add a placeholder to enderpearl cooldown, (there's an api on featherboard page), also could u make that u cant place skeleton spawners in specific worlds, (because wither skeleton are fixed, but if the users go to the nether and place a skeleton spawner, it will be a wither skeleton farm, the config would be like this.

    #Prevent placing skeleton spawner?
    Prevent: true / false

    #Worlds to prevent, if you selected yes.

    Worlds: [world,world_nether,Koth]
  5. Ok things to add:
    Exp Bonus on Looting

    Blaze Spawner can not be broken


    PvpProt intergrated with world Gaurd to disable places you can't go in protection.

    A possible actionbar/scoreboard for enderpearls

    Head drops/sign drops when you get a kill.

    NetherPortal Frames dissapear when going through to pervent endertrapping

    Thank you for taking these suggestions into consideration
    -NscHCF Server
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  7. @oSaphyre Yet you were a scammer on Mc-Market?
  8. i were, in the past, and i fixed all the scamms i did, why there arent anymorr posting about me scamming? everyone learns lessons.
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  9. I actually have exp blaze head drop and wrench. But a lot of people may not have these. That's why I suggested it. I just want the enderpearl action bar thing & nether portals :3
  10. Add . DeathMessages! Please :)
  11. I don't think he is even active on this anymore, he takes no suggestions and hasn't updated it since
  12. :(
  13. it would be great if you add these:
    KoTH that you get keys if you capture a KoTH and you use it on the enderchest to get random loot like this:
    /KoTH loot add: (item) (enchantment) (level of enchantment) (rarity of the item that goes from 1 to be the most rare and 100 for the most common item)
    30 minute pvp timer
    classes like archer, miner, and bard
    and a wrench

    like if agree.
  14. i CAN SELL YOU IT, already have it.
  15. Add OfffcerChest
  16. Is here any way to make the pvp timer command?
  17. I have a plug in like this for hcf but Idk how to install this? Can anyone help I put it in Plugins and it said that it couldn't find some files or launch it in /pl ?????
  18. You still need that HCF Classes I got made by myself also can send you proofs.. If you are interested PM me. @SonicFan1337