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    "Providing a old school experience."

    Hello This is Kota , I am the Owner of HCNation (HardCoreNation) here at HcNation we provide the best oldschool minecraft raiding & survival experience. We have dedicated our time to learn to base all our servers like minecraft used to be. Now we all know that most servers now a days depend 99% on plugins to keep their active player base , however with us , our goal is growing a community and beating our goals that the community has set for us! Keep In mind most of the "Faction, PvP , Raiding" servers are mostly all "Pay2win" however playing at HcNation you will never have the problem of high ranked donators controling the warzone outside of spawn. If anything making the server "Pay2win" will be the last thing that happens by then the server will be closed because we are committed to running HcNation.

    Some of the Custom things we will Offer.

    "HcNationNames" - This is a Mob based plugin allowing certain ranks to click on the sheep with the color they want their nickname to be , however this has a 24 hour cooldown to help keep chat from getting spammed and looking like a rainbow.
    "HcNationOres" Now this will be one of my favorite plugins as a player I think , You will have a chance to pick up random items when mining ores of any sort. it will go like this.

    Coal Ore - Tier 1 Item (Not really rare)
    Iron Ore - Tier 2 Item (Meh Getting there!)
    Gold Ore - Tier 3 Item (Rare)
    Diamond Ore - Tier 4 Item (Really Rare)
    Emerald Ore - Tier 5 Item (Holy Shi*t Thats Rare!)
    "HcNationDoubleXP" - Yes before anyone tells me , this is already a plugin I know..... But ours will be different :p! , There are two ways for "Double XP" to be enabled They will always be turned on during the weekends :) and then the 2nd way will be after a certain amount of votes are reached it will be turned on for 1 hour each time those votes are reached.

    "HcNationVoting" - Most servers don't do this because they're 100% Pay2Win , we can do it because we're not! , How this works will be 100% random and based on code there will be a
    1 out of 100 that will be able to vote for a free rank , however if we do not hit 100 votes at the end of the month the rank that was up for grabs (5$ rank) will be taken out and we will add the (10$ rank) for the upcoming month to make it more intense!

    "HcNationCore" - Now this isn't a plugin for Members/Users this is mainly for our administrative team and our owners. However I will explain what this will do and have.

    Xray Manager - Mostly like HCF Plugins "Player123 has found diamonds [10]" and it will have "Player123 might be xraying they have found "Coal Ore[25]"

    Clear Chat - We all know what this does :p "/cc"
    Mute Chat - We all know what this does also "/mutechat"

    Anti-Hacking Language - I've thought about the amount of "ddosers" and "doxers" there are in minecraft thanks to countless groups spreading the "Disease" , So what this will help do will block every users (even Owners/Staff) from saying any type of "Hacking" language in chat.
    Example : Player123: "Owner your a skid I am ddosing you!"
    Example of our Anti-Hacking Language Plugin at work! V
    Message to player : "DDos/Dox Comedy is not allowed. Its Bannable!"

    Anti-Advertisement - This is common sense :p
    "Player123: JOIN MY SERVER HERE! NoobCraft.mcph.com"

    *There will be more added in the furture of the server depending on what we need.*

    "HcNationsAuction" - Now alot of people may think this is just a recoded plugin of "FloAuction" well it's not! This is a event that happens after every reset. Here is how it works.
    After every reset every player will be able to obtain a rank. How will they be able to do this with out buying a rank on our webstore you may ask? Well its simple.

    The last week before the map reset Auctions will be enabled at this point every player will be able to use their "In Game Money" to enter the auction and will be able to place bids for certain ranks and Items we are auctioning off during that week. Here are a few Examples (These arn't real ranks/items we offer.)

    Tier 1 Auction - 5$ Rank
    Tier 2 Auction - 10$ Rank
    Tier 3 Auction - x2 Creeper Spawners
    Tier 4 Auction - x4 Zombie Spawners
    Tier 5 Auction - x6 God Apples
    Tier 6 Auction - 30$ Rank
    Tier 7 Auction - Access to Chest Bank (Page 1-2)
    Tier 8 Auction - Access to /repair (cooldown)

    "HcNationsRedeems" This is kinda simple , After every map reset Default & Donators will recive a redeem kit this is mostly like /kit once but we wanted to spice it up a bit.

    "[Creeper]Player123: /redeem list"
    "Your Redeems: Grunt , Creeper"

    Simple if you ask me :) More to it but we can't release the rest!

    "HcNationsRanks" - This is where it gets fun in our server! , Everyone that 1st joins the server above their name will have a "*"and then will have a 1 beside that star. This simply means they are ranked 1 out of 500. Meaning they are "newbs" Every 50 ranks you will be able to gain a ablity. To Obtain levels will be a "how much time do you play on the server" type of thing it is ranked by how much time you spend on the server and are active , (however we are thinking of a different way to rank this maybe like MCMMO? we don't know yet). Examples..(these are a little OP for our server but we will work it in!)

    "*50"Faster smelting time
    "*100"Take less fall damage.
    "*150" Infinite NightVision
    "*200"Brew Potions faster (will not work with autobrewers)
    "*250"No Hunger

    "HcNationChestBank" - This is better than player vaults , These will be located at /warp Bank , How this will work it will be a Default & Donor Perk most likely. If you do have a donator rank you will be able to move on to page 2 (Like /pv 2) and then higher the rank you get 1 more page. (I don't know maybe its a meh idea but I wanted something different.)

    So Tell me what you guys think about this idea and custom plugins.

    ~ Affiliation , Owner of Upcoming Server "HcNation"

    Don't Mind these please *However we have managed to modify them to be beta based to enhance gameplay.​
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    Not very impressive once you look at the details, but given the flood of generic factions, prison, and minigame servers, anything else looks good.