Spigot Head Buyer | Let Your Players Automatically Buy Player Skulls 1.8

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    HeadBuyer - Let your players automatically buy player/staff heads

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    New Default Perm

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    VIP discount permissions

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  5. Hi, custom aliase please ? :D
  6. What do you want to be able to change?
  7. The command to buy. ^^
  8. Can you make it so we can customise the command we use to buy heads and permission? if they clash with other plugins and can you also make a way so people can sell the heads please?
  9. I'll look into it, was there anything in particular it conflicts with or any preferred cmd it should be by default?
  10. like /buyhead would make more sense to me personally but just in case some random plugin has that feature I don't want it to conflict just in case
  11. ./buyhead is good but I'm french so I would like an aliase for French, but I don't know if you want it.
  12. It depends on what alias
  13. Could you add a NPC like the plugin BuyHeads ?
  14. Maybe, looks like a cool idea.

    As for the update on custom commands, its something i'm working on. Have to change up my stuff since I registering cmds on the fly with config is a lot different to just registering 1 cmd.

    Looked into the plugin and saw that it was more than just a NPC command since it takes the name input.
  15. Yes that's it ! :D You can implement it so ? :D
  16. Added in version 1.6