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  1. Iwitrag


    Good day!

    I'm using version 1.7.5 of Spigot. Because of changes Mojang made I'm in need of build #1373 of Spigot, which has these issues resolved.

    Sadly, I cannot download it, probably because it's too old and it's not possible to download it anymore.

    So, I'm writing this topic in hope, that somebody have that build and can share it with me.

    If so, please someone, send me build #1373 to my e-mail [email protected] (or PM me)
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  2. Nobody can share the build with you, it is illegal to distribute the .jar.

    Google it. ;)
  3. Iwitrag


    I don't care about legal/illegal omfg... how can anybody know, that someone sent me it on my e-mail? LOL
    Can't find it on google, can you post me link?
  4. Which includes linking it.

    You may not care about breaking the law, but if spigot got shut down because they were found to be complacent in distributing DMCA'd content and got sued, then you wouldn't have a bukkit-based server software at ALL to run your server...

    How hard is it for you to type a few relevant words into google? It's not like you have to dig.
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  5. Iwitrag


    Because the closest I have found is #1377, which is already bugged. #1373 is not on Google.