Spigot HeadDrop 2.3.3 | Final version

Drop heads from the mobs and player

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    HeadDrop - Drop heads from the mobs and player

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  2. Can you list permissions? Can you have permissions such as:
    - Player can't get certain mobtype / playerhead
    - Player can ALWAYS drop head / mobtype

    Is there any ingame command?
  3. There are no commands.
    For what need it "- Player can't get certain mobtype / playerhead"
  4. "- Player can ALWAYS drop head / mobtype"
    Just set chances to 10000
  5. I want only certain ranks to be able to use the drop-head feature
  6. I can add the pex[headdrop.drop] for the player to get the head
    and pex[headdrop.protect] to protect player head

    Give me a good review if I do it?)
  7. 5 stars if you could do it
  8. Use the latest version. Please rate my plugin)
  9. Suggestions:
    Add feature to reload headdrops,
    Add more permissions, for example
    headdrop.drop.player - can drop player heads
    headdrop.drop.mobs - can drop mob heads
  10. The heads dropped has no skins.
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    Update 2.3

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  12. how do I make it so it drops head each time I kill a mob?
  13. upload_2017-12-23_22-32-25.png
  14. And add pex for player 'headdrop.drop.mobs'
  15. what about every 50 mobs killed?

    plz help thx!!!
  16. You need to adjust the chances as you need. 1 to 10000