Spigot HeadHunting [1.8] [Configurable!] 0.3

More than just a headdrops plugin!

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    HeadHunting [1.8] [Configurable!] - More than just a headdrops plugin!

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  2. I suggest adding something where you can disable head drops in certain worlds, as some server's have a duel plugin and its for fun so players wouldn't want there heads dropping in duels etc. Looks like a good plugin tho.
  3. Very good suggestion. Adding that now.
  4. you should add certain amount of money earned for a rank. so in the config u can set the money cost for a player head for the rank the player is in !
  5. I will consider working on this. Sounds like a cool idea. Do you have any suggestions for rank names :p ?
  6. Just do Helper,Mod,Head-Mod,Admin.Owner,member
  7. I didnt mean server ranks lol i thought you meant ranks for how much money a player has earned off heads