Spigot HeadHunting 5.1

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    HeadHunting - Hunting plugin for KitPvP

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  2. Is this same as hitmanhit? (bukkit plugin)
  3. I'm not know this plugin, now i try and say you D:
  4. It's similar, but not equal,

    My plugin is more fast and not have any quest and sign to create, one simple command !
  5. Hey mate, thanks for this simple yet genius plugin, one question, can u release paid version with premium stuff like permission, hunted players list etc? I would pay for that :) another thing, can i edit the class file and change the prefix of plugin? Cause it cuts my eyes out :D Thanks in advance :)
  6. Ok man, today i add this feature and put the plugin at 1$ :3
  7. Ok :D ill buy it then
  8. My teammate english is beautiful! :D We are working on premium version right now! If you have other ideas for some extra features please tell us.
  9. Yes i do!!! :D ill explain what would be cool for this plugin:
    1. Permissions (who can put bounties on players)
    2. Hunted players list with money amount on them
    3. Also redo plugin messages, add a money amount when telling that hunted player was slain by for eg Notch. It would be nice to see how much Notch won for killing it.
    4. How does it work with multiple bounties on one player?
    5. Add a chance to change plugin prefix, i had to decompile ur plugin to do that

    Thats only suggestions mate, its up to you :)
  10. 6. Plugin reload command
    7. Minimum bounty when doing /hunting <player> <amount> so newbies can not spam the global chat with bounties on players with $1 if u get what i mean
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  11. @StonerBros we have post the premium resource. Now waiting for an Admin approve the resource :3
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  12. Nice !
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  13. This resource would be amazing if you could add the options for the players head to go up or down in value depending on kills such as if a user called "SpigotPlayer" had 100 kills and "SpigotTester" had 250 kills the user "SpigotTester"'s head would be worth more and when you do you kill him you would automatically get his head in your inventory and when you hover over it its says the amount it is worth from how popular the user is in "Kills" and if you click it a GUI would popup asking the player if he or she would like to sell the head.

    This is my opinion on what "HeadHunting" sounds like I hope this helps you and maybe gives you some ideas!

    Thank you,
  14. We add this stuff in the premium version ! :)
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  16. @PappaProntaTeam I purchased your premium plugin, and now it's removed... I didn't even get to downloading it yet. Can I please get a refund?