Spigot HeadHunting 5.1

Hunting plugin for KitPvP/SurvivalGames | Like MCSG

  1. It is, however people don't follow the rule of keeping the majority of the forum in english.
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  2. Can you add something to disable red names in tab? And fix the color messages when you remove a player? Aaaand also make a message that show when there isn't someone on the hunting list?
  3. Thanks :3
  4. May I suggest, you don't need to change the major version since the changes aren't major updates ;)
  5. This version add support with 1.8 !

    The command /remove

    (And optimize the code...)

    Yes,this is the major version ! (Now...)
  6. Console at startup:

    Code (Text):
    [14:12:42] [Server thread/WARN] [net.pappapronta.headhunting.HeadHunting/]: [HeadHunting] Default system encoding may have misread config.yml from plugin jar
  7. Is it possible to add separate permissions for hunting and placing? I have a hierarchy of ranks and I want players on a certain rank to be able to collect them, and the people above to collect and place.

    I would also like the opportunity to raise the bounty, so that if two people place a bounty on the same person the bounty is added together.

    Also if I try to write the commands in cmd the consol get spamed.

    Looks like a good plugin :).
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  8. Add an option to disable the tab red color prefix on hunted players, please. Also would be nice an option to set a minimum bounty for headhunting because players can put like $1 and it's annoying.
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  9. So just so I'm clear this is like bounty AND if you get there head can you do /sellhead and get the money of there heads?
  10. Can you add a future to disable Custom coloured-names in the tablist and can you add that admins can remove bountys from users?
  11. @PappaProntaTeam Can you add a way so users can't just kill themselves and get the bounty?
  12. I am working on an update right now, sorry for the period of inactivity
  13. Is this plugin out in the wind of its still active?
  14. PappaProntaTeam updated HeadHunting with a new update entry:

    List fix

    Read the rest of this update entry...