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  1. How much headroom should I leave for my OS? (Debian 9.5 minimal x64) e.g. would I be able to give the server 3GB on a 4GB VPS (KVM, no swap) or would it be best to go more conservative at 2.5GB?

    Second question is should I be using MySQL (would use MariaDB in my case) when plugins like Coreprotect and dynmap call for it? Is there a good reason to set this up instead of letting them use their default sqlite? I'm running a single survival server, thanks.
  2. sqllite is somewhat read only (technically can be written to, just not easily) which makes manual data management extremely painful. MySQL mitigates this by actually making the db accessible. Regarding the head room, 1GB to the os should be sufficient.
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    Do you mean that parallel writing might not be supported depending on how the file is accessed? Because there are lots of programs that allow accessing and editing of SQLite databases e.g. DB-Browser for SQLite
  4. Actually I’m not sure what I was talking about. Complete nonsense, not sure what came over me when I wrote that. What I meant to say is that sqllite is hard to manually read, let alone write, but I said this from personal experience. If that program does what you say, I suppose it’s a different case, thanks for linking it.