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  1. LoneDev


    something's definitely broken.
    Fresh install deleting all configs

    Every challenge has $infinity and 0

    Spigot 1.15.2 latest update of HeadsPlus

    Previous version of plugin is working fine
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  2. Please send me your challenges.yml and en_us.yml file, I haven’t had this issue reported before.

    I’m also still in the process of redoing the inventory code so I can’t guarantee an instant update and fix.
  3. What's the syntax for the heads.yml mask effects? I can't get it to work.
    I tried this:

    - MHF_Chicken
    interact-name: '{default}'
    display-name: '{default}'
    chance: 10
    price: '60'
    - Slow_Falling
    - 1
    lore: '{default}'

    but it doesn't give you any effects. What's the proper syntax?
  4. That should be fine on its own, however:
    1. Is your server at least 1.9?
    2. Have you tried typing Slow_Falling in capitals? (SLOW_FALLING)
    3. What is your HP version?
    4. Is there any warning in the console about unknown potion effects?

    I also do need to note that there was a bug fix done for masks a while ago where the mask will apply once but after you log out, nada, however the build for it is not officially released yet on Spigot or Github.
  5. 1. Yep
    2. Not yet
    3. 6.9.5, I can't update because I'm hosting the server with Minehut, I just realized that that may be the problem and I've requested that they update the plugin. Thanks for the reply!
  6. That’s fine, I did double check though and realised that 6.9.5 had the majority of fixes for masks anyways. Interesting how Minehut seems to be stuck on v6.9.5 though! (v6.10 changes are mostly minor but some bug fixes)
  7. LoneDev


    You just have to do a fresh install with the latest update, I didn't use any old config file.

    Btw now i'm using previous version and everything's fine
  8. Okay I've found the problem does still happen there. Keep using the previous version for now; I'll be redoing inventories anyways (base code works fine) so this may as well mean some sort of change can be made with challenges too.
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  9. LoneDev


    Thanks! :D
    you better remove the latest update from spigot (reupload the old one) to avoid getting spammed with the same support request
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  10. I do appreciate the suggestion, although as of so far, I haven't actually had too many questions about it! I'm hoping to have this inventory stuff done soon as well so it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

    Currently I don't mind telling people to switch versions if required, but if it becomes an issue, I'll consider it.
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  11. @LoneDev Since you were one of those who reported the $infinity bug with v6.10-SNAPSHOT-4, I thought I'd let you know this is now fixed in v6.10-SNAPSHOT-6 on Github, which can be found here (changed to SNAPSHOT-7 now, the changelog for #6 is here): https://github.com/Thatsmusic99/HeadsPlus/releases/tag/v6.10-SNAPSHOT-7

    In addition to that, I did also added a few small features to challenges that your players may like - I'm probably still going to work on challenges a bit more today, but that depends on how the other parts of the plugin work out (inventory overhaul is almost finished, I then have to work on crafting and blacklisting)
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  12. Thatsmusic99 updated HeadsPlus [1.8.x-1.15.x] with a new update entry:

    Inventory Overhaul, New Challenge features and a load of bugs squashed

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  13. Hmm
    the plugin can't find my vault plugin (which is running)

    I'm running Vault 1.7.3 (built from source)

    Every other plugin sees and uses my vault built :)
  14. What does your /vault-info say?
  15. > vault-info
    [19:03:15 INFO]: [Vault] Vault v1.7.3-b${env.TRAVIS_BUILD_NUMBER} Information
    [19:03:15 INFO]: [Vault] Economy: Ultimate_Economy [Ultimate_Economy]
    [19:03:15 INFO]: [Vault] Permission: LuckPerms [LuckPerms, SuperPerms]
    [19:03:15 INFO]: [Vault] Chat: LuckPerms [LuckPerms]
  16. I'll take a look into that then. I tested the plugin using Vault 1.7.2 on the other hand also using Ultimate Economy, but it recognised the plugins just fine.
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  17. In fact will I be able to have a link to the version you're using? I don't know if that version is experimental or not so there could be a few API changes. (@Crckdns )
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