Spigot HeadsPlus » 1.15.2 - 1.18 7.0.6

A heads plugin with advanced head drops, crafting, selling, challenges and much more!

  1. Ok, now i removed all Plugins and created a new Server, after reinstaling i maked a Server restart, not reload and now its working fine. Maybe the /reload caused a bug. ;)
  2. If only md_5 could add a "nope" rating because OH baby that's a twist
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  3. I can't ever seem to sell heads as they always say they are not the "valid" type. Is there a way to be able to sell any head that has a price without them constantly being invalid?
  4. If you're trying to sell old heads from v6, they're completely incompatible. Give them a fix using "/hp debug fix <ID>" (do note you explicitly need the permission headsplus.maincommand.debug.fix, and the command does not return any feedback; it only edits the head you're holding)
  5. Thatsmusic99 updated HeadsPlus » 1.15.2 - 1.18 with a new update entry:

    Exploit fix

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  6. It seems that when I have "*" permissions, it says that I don't have permission for any /heads command, but if I give the permissions directly, it works. Any idea? It's kinda weird to just give permissions when you already should have all.
  7. There are some permissions that need directly adding, but headsplus.heads (/heads) shouldn't be one of them. Have you set up the default permissions for the plugin (in the config.yml file) any differently?
  8. Yeah, I deleted the "default" section, because I thought that giving the permission works. I also added to myself "headsplus.*", but that also doesn't work. I guess I'll use the section too.
  9. What permissions plugin are you using? You can just empty out the list and it'll default everything to OP.
  10. LuckPerms. I am OP too. I'll check later for more info, but it was just weird:)
  11. I repeatedly added 99 xp to my account and the red bossbar wouldnt leave my screen until I left the game, and another popped up beneath it after I levelled up two more times. Still an amazing plugin, hope the issue is re-creatable so it can be solved.
  12. Will investigate soon-ish, just got off my work shift. Am hoping to get an update for the plugin pushed out in the near future.
  13. I wasn't able to reproduce this. Please can you provide your HeadsPlus version and your server version?
  14. Happy to! Newest HeadsPlus version & Paper 216 [1.18.1]
  15. Newest doesn't cut it unfortunately, it'll have to be the full version from /version HeadsPlus.

    Can I also ask how you added 99 xp to yourself, was it using /hp xp?
  16. Yes. Your assumption is correct. :)
  17. Then as far as I'm aware I've been unable to reproduce it. I would like you to confirm the version of the plugin you're running though as I have fixed this (a few times) in recent updates. Otherwise... not sure what would lead to me getting it reproduced.
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  18. I'm not sure but, it might have something to do with using TAB's bossbar, Jobs' progress bossbar, and then HP's bossbar? The bossbar seemed to have broken upon leveling up to level 2 in HP when that red bossbar was 100% full (while using original config).

    The issue has not reproduced for me either recently. But, I'll be sure to try and better document it if another bug arises. Anyway still an awesome plugin!! <3
  19. That's an interesting point to bring up, I'd be surprised if the plugins interfered. Should be clear if you haven't had it in a while though, that's interesting.

    Thank you very much and thank you for taking the time to use it too!
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