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A heads plugin with advanced head drops, crafting, selling, challenges and much more!

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    HeadsPlus - A heads plugin with multiple fun features that make it unique.

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    Added %h placeholder

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    Added 1.8.x-1.11.2 support

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    More sellhead optimisation

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  5. Can you change the lore of heads? I cant find it
  6. I did try to add it in the most recent update, but something went wrong and it didn't seem to work properly, so therefore it wasn't added in the end. I'll try it out again soon though, and see what works and what doesn't. Apologies in advance!
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    1.12 support + more sellhead optimisation! YAY!!

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  8. Love the plugin but all the heads are steve skins, using 1.11.2. Is there a fix?
  9. Hello,

    There may be a few reasons for this, but I may need an idea of how you're ending up with this type of issue. I've just tested the latest version on 1.11.2, and from what I can say is:

    1. If you're getting this issue using the /head command, this is just a one-off issue every time the server restarts. This can either by fixed by using the /head command a second time, or move the head around a bit - something did go wrong with me doing that somewhat, not sure why but I look into that.

    2. If it's just not working overall, have you turned the auto reload in the config? Usually that fixes the issue:

    Code (Text):
    autoReloadOnFirstJoin: true
    3. Usually if skulls don't load, it's either a problem with the server (a server I work on I believe had similar issues) or the fact that it's in offline mode. Skulls don't load in offline mode, and not to mention online mode is far safer. I believe there was a commit 7 months ago (around December/January) for Spigot which improved skull loading, but I don't know what effect it has on the overall server.

    And also, thanks for using and reviewing the plugin, it does mean a lot to me! :) Do let me know if the issues still consist.

    EDIT: Was able to reproduce the issue, will look into it.
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    Small bug fixes

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  11. In regards to you asking if I have any issues: I haven't used the Plugin yet, but the reason I gave you 5 star rating, is for encouragement to continue with this plugin/enhancing it/making it better than it probably already is.

    But, I do have a question:

    Whats the difference between this Plugin, vs the two Heads Premium Plugins currently? What is it lacking, what does it have those don't, and what is your overall intention with this heads plugin?

    This one: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/head-database-6000-heads.14280/
    And this one: (Can't seem to find it but they are pretty much similar in aspect. So seeing what you intend to do vs theirs). While I will not complain 1 has X feature over the other(Like I said, you can NEVER complain about free plugins, its just silly): I am still curious as to what your overall goal is vs those Plugins.

    I am on a limited Budget, so buying Plugins unless they are -absolutely- needed, is something I am skeptical of doing...since this one came out-its something I can look forward to using, and not having to decide to purchase 1 of the other two plugins that I may very well not like regardless.
  12. Hello!

    The first plugin in question is a heads database that allows you to retrieve heads easier - however HeadsPlus is not (let's say it's more of a survival-based plugin), or at least yet - however I don't plan on any proper feature like that until I'm properly experienced with plugins, and know that it'll be okay to update the plugin properly. There are actually plenty of other plugins similar to the premium one (just not as many heads), however an update I may introduce in the future includes a similar function, just by command until further enhancement (as mentioned in the to-do list, "HeadURL Command" - which lets admins add heads that may not be able to be accessed via username). If the feature ever comes out I'll give it a better description. :p

    The second plugin may be similar, but I don't think I've seen many other plugins closely related to HeadsPlus, which is another reason why I introduced the plugin (not to mention some heads plugins are out of date now).

    Overall, HeadsPlus is something just to make heads a bit more fun to use, so more than just decoration, and also an admin tool to avoid heads you don't want being spawned in (only via the /head command though, so it will not block /skull or similar commands).

    And also thank you for the encouragement :D of course if this plugin doesn't suite your needs I still appreciate it a lot. Just let me know if you need a bit of a better description though (I can struggle haha).
  13. Just to make everyone aware, there likely is a small issue with using /hp blacklist (no extra arguments), where it says it enables/disables the blacklist, but does the complete opposite. The bug is fixed in an upcoming update, when whitelists are being introduced.
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    Speedy commands + bug fixes

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