Spigot HealFeed 1.4

Heal and feed yourself and others!

  1. williamslack977 submitted a new resource:

    HealFeed - Heal and feed yourself and others!

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  2. Don't think this is in the right category... This category is for bungee plugins ;)
  3. Yeah i know when i uploaded it i set it to Misc, but when i checked it to see my downloads it said it was on Bungee-proxy so i don't know why it put it in a category that i didn't select.
  4. if i go to edit resource it says the category is set to Misc, so i dont know what is wrong.
  5. There is a Misc. subcategory for both bungee, and bukkit plugins.. be sure you are putting it into the correct one.
  6. *FacePalm* didn't notice that...