health percent Under player name

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  1. there is a health percent under the players name and it wont go away. here are my plugins. i dont think i have anything that shows the health...

    any help???

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  2. Scoreboards
  3. Wrong Forum Section :p
  4. What?
  5. He is asking for the plugin which is doing that, not how its done ;)
  6. I don't find any Plugin which would make this. Search on Google which Plugins this makes.
  7. I understand, but if you look at his plugins, none of them cause this.
    Meaning that he removed the plugin and the health is still shown underneath the player's names.

    To remove this, the OP has to look into how scoreboards work, or atleast on how to remove someone from a scoreboard
    Even better, how to remove a scoreboard as a whole
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  8. HealthBar uses bukkits main scoreboard, if you delete it you must also delete the scoreboards objective in /scoreboard
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  9. whats the command for this
  10. /scoreboard
  11. /scoreboard objectives list

    /scoreboard objectives remove <name>

    pretty sure for HealthBar it's healthbarbelow
  12. yes thanks this worked <3