Spigot HealthPlus 1.5.1

Customizable Heal Commands

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    HealthPlus - Customizable Heal Commands

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  2. Adding more customization features tomorrow. Expect 1.2 to come out.
  3. Not rude, saying what's wrong with the skript.
    I don't hate on everyones skripts, only bad ones and not hate, telling whats bad
    You don't need an addon to use "else if"??? you were typing "if else" and prob thought it was an addon needed haha
    Still dont use many many events
  4. no you can use if else but if you use it more than once it doesn't work on mine so I think you need and addon. and a question. not to sound rude but how do you say how do you point out skripts are bad but you don't have good skripts?
  5. You don't need an addon and it would work. Your just using else if wrong.
    I do have good skripts? Wtf you mean. Do you mean my old 2 star skript that was a year old and only has salty ratings from people who got badly rated?
    anyways, i rarely post skripts here and code skript elsewhere and know what's good and bad