Heart, please help me!

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  1. I need a plugin to shorten the health bar
    For example : I have 100 blood (50 hearts), I want to shorten those 50 hearts into 1 heart or i have 300 blood equivalent 6 hearts
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  2. Code (Java):
  3. I think it would be setHealthScale for shortening, setMaxHealth will decrease maximum health
  4. I haven't looked into it, but potentially.

    This is also another way to set max health.
    Code (Java):
    What do you mean? It doesn't decrease maximum health. You can set the double over 20. It's just deprecated.
  5. the OP isn't looking for a way to change max health, only to change the scale.
  6. You might as well use a command to put a helmet on a player with -18 Max Health, boom 1 heart.