Heeeeelp! (Essentials Import)

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  1. so, i've just imported essentials source code into my eclipse. and got literally 100 errors. (exact number).
    I've set my build path, and javadoc and i've still got the errors, HELP!
  2. Hey,

    which kind of errors do you get? How did you import the source code (Downloaded zip, Decompiled jar, Git)? We need some more info, at the moment we can only guess what's happening there.
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    Essentials doesnt support 1.13, so if you used 1.13 then 100 errors isnt surprising
  4. i'm not using 1.13. i'm using 1.11
  5. i downloaded it from here:
    Under 'latest release of essentials for bukkit'
    And, from what i can see most errors are about the balance/money system. other than that theres too many to list

    i got it into eclipse by unzipping the package, going into the first folder and copying the 'Essentials' folder into my eclipse directory. i then opened up eclipse and imported the folder in
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    That version hasn’t been updated since 1.7
  7. i'll try, but its probably no diffirent, its just essentialsX. worth a go though

    EDIT: Yup, literally no diffirence
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  8. ooooh. ok
  9. Did you set it as a Maven project ?
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    Did you import Vault as a dependency?