Hello looking for this plugin please check it out

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  1. Hello I was looking for a plugin that kindly looks like SlashServer but it has bug
    so I want someone to develop it :p

    for the source code click this : CLICK

    if player has a permission server.<server_name> or server.*
    he/she can go at any server ..

    thanks :p
  2. You could use an alias for this so that
    /server <name1>
    = /<name1>

    But why doesn't slash server work?
  3. when I tried to use it .. it won't work no response

    even all the versions idk why so I need one

    i want the /server <server_name>
  4. Try BetterServerJoin
  5. can I give certain permission /server command at custom server ?
  6. No there isn't but what you could do is in the config.yml on you bungee server set Restricted to true. Then give players, again in the config.yml for bungee, the permission node bungeecord.server.<server name>

    Also did you give them the perms for slash server?
  7. k but I'm just looking for that plugin if its possible :p
  8. Isn't /server used for Bungeecoord?
  9. @Pr0totype2 yes /server <server name> is used for bungee. What @Raymart wants is a plugin that shortens the /server command to just /<server name>
  10. Make a alias?
  11. nah I want a /server with certain permission per server..
  12. @Raymart So do you want only certain types of players to get access to certain servers ie donors only on donor server etc?
  13. no example I am at hub then I have no perm to go at other server using /server then if I am at other server now I can use /server
  14. You've completely lost me. If you don't want people joining a server restrict it then give them the perm i stated above
  15. So you want to be able to do (for example) /hg-1 and it will take you to server hg-1 but only if you have the permission slashserver.hg-1?
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  16. nah I mean they can't join at Any server if they are in Hub :p thats my point but I can allow them to hub if they have permission : example.server
  17. I'll try to Explain :p Looks like SlashServer Plugin
  18. too.
  19. nah it won't work .......