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  1. the title may sound like I'm wasting your time but i actually need help with something. For some reason eclipse isn't allowing me to see the possible stuff after the .; for example if i do p.getName();
    normally if you do p. a list of possible things pop up however this isn't happening anymore how can i enable this setting again as its really annoying not having this enabled. Thanks guys/girls
  2. I'm going to take a wild guess and say that 'p' doesn't exist.
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  3. lol no I'm actually trying to make a game outside of minecraft heres some code
    Code (Text):
    package AidansAQ;

    import javax.swing.JFrame;

    public class Game {

        public static void main(String[] args) {

            JFrame window = new JFrame("Aidan's Adventure Quest");
            window.setContentPane(new GamePanel());
    now i can't do window. and see a list of things i only knew these were available because i have some experience

    for instance i said p or player was my variable or value here its window

  4. Brb. Gonna go cry
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  5. If I could guess, he is referring to this.
    On topic, what does this have to do with Spigot?
  6. It's spigot plugin developent help. If I'm not able to use this feature anymore im probably not going to be able to continue making minecraft plugins because I'm not going to be able to type everything out manually. And yes lol I realize the package name is off, I only do this when I'm making games otherwise I would do me.canadianeggnog.pluginname
  7. Do you know why I'm not able to use this feature or no?
  8. I'm gonna take a wild guess and say you don't have a javadoc installed alongside your jre. The world of programming isn't encapsulated in minecraft plugin tutorials. I use netbeans for all other development outside of maven projects but my first google search turned up this. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4600172/how-do-i-add-the-java-api-documentation-to-eclipse. Good luck on your game.

    Just as a heads up, when making a game i'd suggest not using JavaFX or anything that comes with your JDK. Download an external game creation library that has far better support for actually making a game as opposed to an applet. Just google "java game dev library"
  9. Good.
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  10. Tf is wrong with you why do you have to be so rude?
  11. I also just deleted and redownloaded eclipse and the problem has been solved