Spigot HelloWorld 2020-01-23

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  1. Beasty_Buildes submitted a new resource:

    HelloWorld - do /hi or /hello and the server responds!

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  2. Oh my god, this is the plugin I’ve always needed. Where has this plugin been all my life?

    It’s funny; I was just having a shower, and while I was standing there rubbing shampoo over my hair, I was thinking, “You know what my server needs? A /hello command. That’s how I get players!” Once I got out of the shower, I log on to SpigotMC, and lo and behold, you’ve uploaded this fantastic plugin.

    Please, oh please, update this wonderfully engineered piece of quality software for 1.15.2, my dearest friend, and let us boost our players’ happiness by 500%, you magnificent bastard. This is all I’ve ever wanted, and if only you update it for the latest version of Minecraft, it’ll make all my dreams come true!
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  3. Why the heck you uploaded this plugin... Sounds like a joke to me. Like if you lost a bet x). Hopefully you don't do that to match the premium posting requirements...
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