Help a Bungeecord noob

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  1. Hey,
    I'm new to Bungeecord, and I have a few questions.
    1) Do you need to have one server for each lobby/game/etc? If so, does that mean mineplex (for example) runs hundreds of servers that are connected through Bungeecord?
    2) Will Bungee work with ViaVersion?
    3) Do all servers on a bungee network have to be the same version?
  2. 1) You dont need to run a server per game or lobby, but most servers do that.
    2) yes.
    3) no, you could add a 1.12 server and a 1.8.8 for example, but your players need to join with the respective client version, or you could install via version.
  3. So each of mineplex's 80 lobbies has its own server?
  4. 1) Pretty much yes, the server I'm currently working on is bungee, and skyblock, survival, etc. are separated into different servers.
    2) Yes, sort of, you need to add ViaVersion on all spigot servers your Bungee Proxy connets to.
    3) No, they can be of different version, though I don't really see why you need this since ViaVersion fixes the different version of Minecraft issue and ViaVersion itself gets an update pretty fast when a new version of Minecraft is released.
  5. Yes, to avoid lags and all. If you can't afford 80 servers (which I don't think u should if u are new and won't have much players), you can always get a server with more RAM and make multiple worlds to act as multiple servers to trick people into thinking you have lots of servers but I don't think it's a good idea.
  6. Why is it not a good idea?
  7. It causes lag, cause you need even more plugins to hide the fact that it's the same server, sometimes it makes the server buggy.
  8. I mean why try to hide it?
  9. Usually it makes it seem unprofessional, and knowing it's the same server the entire time makes the players know the budget of ur server is low, not much time spent on, and know what's resulting the lag. I'm speaking from previous experience here, I used to do it, so now I moved to bungee.
  10. Are you an able to put multiple servers on a dedi?
  11. A dedicated server can hold as many servers as you want (There is a limit on ram, cpu, harddrive space etc that limits it)
    Though I would normally run around 5 fine with no lag at all
  12. I've never used a dedicated server or VPS of sort, I've just bought and hosted like 6 servers linking them to my proxy (bungee) server