Help about SRV record!

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  1. Help!
    Whenever I connect to my server using the DNS IP it leads me to the dedicated one I don't own.
    For example, I'm trying to connect to my server with the ip 777.777.77.77:25577. I used the one with the custom domain ( to connect but it leads me to 777.777.77.77 instead and not to 777.777.77.77:25577 as it supposed to do. Please Help!

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  2. Do I have to wait for it to propagate? or do I have to input "" the port?
  3. And Can I do this to the Bungeecord config?

    forced_hosts: factions
  4. If your domain is myserver,com

    A: 'play'
    value: IP (no port)

    SRV: '' (whatever your A record is).
    value: '1 1 25566 play' (port / whatever your A record is).

    Then, after a dns update, which should take a maximum of six hours,, will direct you to your server.
  5. Does that work even without a Dedicated Ip?
  6. And is it really normal for me to connect to the 777.777.77.77 ip rather than to my own server w/ the port :25566 before the propagation/dns update?
  7. Avoid using SRV records without specifying subdomain.
  8. Gaxan


    I use godaddy, they allow setting the srv directly to an ip#
    If you purchase an ip, you should be able to use an a name instead of srv.