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  1. Hello, im kinda stuck and trying to figure out how do i download jar libraries needed for my plugin and put them in the plugin sub folder, also the plugin should use code from those jars if that makes sense?
    Basically im trying to do same thing as Luckperms where it download jars and puts them in the libs folder.

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  2. Any specific reason you want to do this? Unless you have an actual problem at hand, I'd avoid this in favor of other ways of solving the issue (if there even is one). I wouldn't consider file size to be a problem, even when you have >10 dependencies. I mean you could look at the source for luckperms on how they do it, but you'll notice that it's not a trivial matter.
  3. Well the goal was to download external library in the plugin folder and use in the plugin without need to put everything in one big jar and i managed to do it by creating my class that uses reflections and class loader to do that.