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Discussion in 'Performance Tweaking' started by JonRetribution, Sep 5, 2013.

  1. I seem to being having a large amount of lag spikes etc recently (dropping from 19 to 13tps etc). And with only a few players as well (6 compared to normal 15-20). It had been fine for pretty much the last 6 months previous (spigot being a godsend!). Cant be chunk/biome generated as our world is bordered/pre-generated.

    Running build 1091. Timings pasted below, if anyone has any pointers i'm all ears.
  2. LiLChris

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    What is your server specs?

    Also you have a ton of plugins, I would remove a few since you only have 6 average players.

    Ultrabans - Use essentials /ban /tempban
    Treeassist - Tell them stop being lazy
    Buycraft - Manually do it, but keep the website.
    LWC - Disable magnet task
    EssentialsAntiBuild - World guard
    Vanishnopacket - Use essentials /vanish
    VoxelSniper - Do you use this on a daily?
    Dynmap -How many really stare at this all day long?

    I can go on, but this is your server just giving you a suggestion.