/help and /rules not working

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  1. When I use a normal player and I press /help and /rules it shows nothing. I have give the bukkit.command.help, bukkit.command.rules, essentials.help and essentials.rules permission nodes to every ranks but it still didn't work. These commands only work for op players. Can someone please help me?
  2. Are you sure that the people actually have a rank? What permissions plugin are you using?
  3. PermissionEX
  4. Can someone help?
  5. Give them permissions to using the command..
  6. Shows the configuration of "PermissionEX", in pastebin.com
  7. My permissions is something like that:
    - bukkit.command.help
    - bukkit.command.rules
    - -bukkit.command.plugins
    - -bukkit.commands.version
    - essentials.help
    - essentials.rules
  8. add these perms:

    - essentials.help
    - essentials.rules
    - essentials.spawn

    I had to add spawn for it to work on my server
  9. What is the difference among:
    - bukkit.command.help
    - essentials.help
  10. Bukkit.Command.Help gives access to the default Bukkit /help command.

    Essentials.Help gives access to the Essentials /help command.
  11. Where can I find the help files and rules files in bukkit and essentials?
  12. The file for editing the rules is named rules.txt, it is located inside the Essentials folder inside the plugins directory. It is generated for the first time when /rules is typed.

    I don't believe there is a file to edit the Essentials /help message, if you want a custom help menu, i'd recommend coding your own or using a plugin such as http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/custom-help/
  13. So why I have give players essentials.help and essentials.rules permissions but it still shows nothing at all.
  14. And where can I find bukkit help and rules?
  15. Maybe Essentials is crasht? Try to re-install?
  16. And where can I find bukkit help and rules?
  17. Perms:
    Rules - essentials.rulees
    Help - essentials.help
    Still not working? Are you sure there's a rules.txt & a help.txt in your plugins/Essentials folder?
  18. No. I dont. How do i create one? And why must i use essentials help and rules instead of bukkit help and rules?
  19. If you could provide your permissions.yml that would be very helpful in pinpointing your issue. Use www.pastebin.com