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  1. Hey guys.

    I have a small problem.
    I want to have a Hologram above the players head.

    So i created a ArmorStand and stored it in a HashMap with the player als Key.

    Everytime the players moves and the x,y and z changes the armorstands teleports to the new loaction.
    But thats to 'slow'. The Armorstand teleports with delay... maybe its to cpu intense.

    I just want to ask how i can make the armorstand have always and without delay the same location as the player.
  2. Wrong section, you're looking for Spigot Plugin Development.
    As for your issue, maybe you could add a line under the nametag, like Hypixel does for the player's health.

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  3. Oh sorry. I thought about it and using a "hologram" is a bad idea. I think i just use the scoreboard packets as you said.
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