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  1. 1 . Does anybody know a nice KitGUI, where people can see their own kits, but also from higher "donator" ranks.
    2. Also, i like to have custom texts above npc's so people know what kind of rank they would be buying, i have citizens!
    3 Also i want a NPC to be able to repair someone's hand for 50k. But i have a conflicting plugin MCMMO, when i disable that repair skill of it, it just gives an error, but the official /repair hand wont work...
    4 A problem of my server is the spawn, I want a weather/time lock because its in a desert, and i like day much, but when i put day on the spawn, outside of the area it glitches, because for some people it would be night, and some people day. How to fix this?
    5 is there any good vote reward systen with vote keys?
    6 Cannons arent pretty good on my server. what is the best option to solve this? f
    My server is 1.15.2 paper FACTIONS
  2. 1) You can use a MenuCreation plugin to do that, e.g DeluxeMenus. You can make the design yourself and use some of the slots for the kit preview / kit give (right / left click).
    2) HolographicDisplays.
    3) Link the NPC with a command via the CommandNPC plugin. Make that command link with the repair (example command: /repairNPC). Use Essentials+ if you can and set an command-cost: /repairNPC : 50000 . Installing essentials+ might fix your /repair problem that you mentioned, some background information would be useful.
    4) Are you using worldguard for that?
    5) You can use GAListener to execute commands when a player votes (but you still need a voting plugin to handle the votes such as Votifier, NuVotifier, bVotifier).
    6) Cannons are always a big issue, it usually revolves around the server .jar although you are using a fork that allows you to somewhat change this.Go inside the fork config file and change the fix-cannons boolean to this [fix-cannons: true] . This will revert cannon mechanics making it more likely to work properly. You might still have some problems with sand stacking, but this does improve 1.8 factions a bit, and as far as I'm aware cannon mechanics in 1.15 are very very similar (or identical) with 1.8 . There is almost never a stable solution to cannons, so a bit of searching and testing might give you your solution.
  3. Hey thanks for all your responses ! I really appreciate it. For the weatherlock im using worldguard indeed, but its glitching because in the area it is indeed for everyone day, but outside of it for some ppl it would be day and some ppl night. I have essentialsX but i still dont understand how to let it work, i gave the npc commands but that does not solve it. only /fix would work. But i dont know how to give that command a price. About the cannons, there is no option for me "Fix cannons" Thats not in my config files. I look forward to your message, already thanks for all your info !