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  1. I have set up bungeecord nuvotifier on my server and everything is done. I went to test vote on my prison server and it worked. I then went to test vote on my skyblock server and nothing happened. I went to look at the config and it was all good and set up. But when I went to the bungeecord server console, I saw it was only listening to the prison server even though I dont have the ip there in the config. I'm very confused because it somehow got the port of the prison server and ip but I didnt give the port anywhere and I only gave the port to the proxy list.

    EDIT: It says unable to send vote to (ServerIP : Port) the only error.
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  2. Did you install the vote listener in the SkyBlock server?
  3. Yes I installed a listener. It just doesnt send the vote to either of the servers.
  4. Its not my ip, its my servers ip and the vote testers ip. What do you mean by make sure the nuvotifier server is running? All three servers are running fine.
  5. Post your configurations.
  6. One of your configurations is pointing to the wrong proxy server that NuVotifier is running. The "host" should be IP of your Bungee server. If they are running on different machines, you'll need to enableExternal
  7. The host on the bungee config is pointing towards the bungee config. Which config and tell me where to fix it.
  8. In the console it says "Invalid token?" but its the right public key.
  9. Seem like your config wrong, because they detected the vote but don't know what to do after get the vote