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    help bungeecord
  2. Shouldnt it be
    Code (Text):
    MOTD: '&3Just to explain'
  3. :/
    Where is the error I'm ?

    Give me the file is ready for

  4. The Motd of the hub must be 'CraftKonsol'

    Also, before the address of the hub server, you need spaces :)
    Upload your config on pastebin for a better view ;)
  5. joehot200


    you got your server list 100% wrong :L

    You forgot to put the server MOTD and restricted: false - also you forgot to indent it. I would recommend you reset your configs and then just copy the hub server thing a few times, and then just change the name/ip. You cant just leave out the inconvenient lines or the indentations, which is what you are doing.
  6. Can you give me the
  7. joehot200


    -> delete config.yml
    -> run bungeecord
    -> copy your hub server info, change it for your other servers.
  8. thank you :D
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