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Bug HELP !!! Cant Use Certain Blocks !!!!

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by MissWelsh, May 18, 2015.

  1. So I have just made a spigot server and for some reason I cant use
    All the Doors apart from oak
    Armour Stand
    and more blocks too.

    As soon as I place them i my inventory they disappear or turn in to different blocks that are usable
    it happens to everyone who use my server , I thought it might of been something to do with some plug ins so I deleted them and it still happens .
    I cant find anything on the internet about this

    please help its so annoying

    Thanks ...
  2. What does it say when you type /ver ?
  3. You are probably using an old spigot version that is 1.8 but not. Try using one of the newer jars
  4. Update your Spigot version, you must be using a 1.7 version. All the items you listed are 1.8 items and are not in 1.7.
    Asuming you're on a 1.8 client, and trying to place the items and they either turn into other things or just disappear, you're probably on spigot protocol hack / spigot 1649.

    Use buildtools and get a 1.8 version.
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  5. How do i update i'm pretty new to this :/
  6. im running 1.7.10
  7. That's your problem, all blocks you are having problems with are 1.8 blocks
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  8. i mean i pointed it out but you know have fun
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