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    Hello! Well, to get to the point I need your help because selling the items on the poster or npc of the Quicksell gives me the error. I can't write commands or anything, only the messages are sent in the chat but the commands don't work. Then he takes me out of the server and closes everything and throws the following error:


    Hola! Bueno, para ir al grano necesito su ayuda porque al vender los items en el cartel o npc del Quicksell me da crash el error. No puedo escribir comandos ni nada, solamente se envian los mensajes en el chat pero los comandos no funcionan. Despu├ęs me saca del servidor y se cierra todo y tira el siguiente error:
  2. I may be wrong, but it seems that PermissionsEx may be causing your issue, as it is the only PLUGIN (besides QuickSell) that is in this stack trace (as far as I can tell). You may have an error in a PermissionsEx config, or it could just simply be an outdated version. If it doesn't cause too much issues, try using luckperms, it's an extremely up-to-date and efficient permission handling system that can import data from PermissionsEx. Check it out here:

    This is only one possible cause, the other may just be a simple incompatibility between your "QuickSell" plugin and PermissionsEx. What seems to be causing it, is PermissionsEx getting stuck somewhere in the process of getting a permission, OR QuickSell getting a permission badly (which is unlikely). Either way, an update to LuckPerms would (probably) fix something like this, as PermissionsEx is known to be unstable at times.

    EDIT: Forgot to mention QuickSell was in the stacktrace as well.
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  3. Moreover, he uses some weird outdated fork of PEX.
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