Help enchanting* table mechanism

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  1. I want to make a plugin which requires detecting Enchantment* tables how can I do this.
    I want it to detect which item the person puts in slot 1 (and item lore), and I want it to accept diamonds into the second slot, and I want it then to offer 3 enchantments. These enchantments will be named, e.g Knight, Mage, Thor or something like that. Thanks.
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  2. How do you want to offer 3 different results by one crafting reciepe? There is only one single result slot for crafting tables...
  3. You can create your own crafting recipes if that is what you mean.
    But you can only have one result from crafting.
  4. enchantments sorry. Enchanting table I meant
  5. Sorry Enchanting table
  6. Please use the forums search function, before start new threads.

    I guess your solution is here?
  7. I tried many combinations... nothing worked well... One of them worked but was not very good... I wish I had an example of this in action...